Champagne Brunch at The Landmark in London, deadly but delicious

For those of you looking for a memorable brunch in London, may we suggest The Landmark Sunday Champagne Brunch? Mr. FFG and I headed over to Marylebone for brunch last Sunday and it was most definitely an afternoon culinary experience to remember. The only thing is that it actually may be tough to remember all of it as the champagne at this brunch flows like water from 12:30 – 3:30pm. Deadly, right? However, the bubbles seem to serve a useful purpose in helping to expand the stomach in preparation for eating more food than you could ever imagine possible.

The Landmark Sunday Champagne Brunch is laid out over two rooms. There’s one room for what we were calling the “befores and afters.” Basically this is where you start and finish the meal with starters and sweet treats. There was everything from a seafood platter to sushi for starters. However, as we helped ourselves to starters galore, we couldn’t help but glance over at the chocolate fountain that was working away over in the corner. The “afters”may just be my favourite part of the whole brunch experience. If you didn’t go for the chocolate fountain, you could choose from creme brûlée, parfaits, brownies, cakes, cookies, fruit platters and more. But I’m jumping ahead way too soon. 

Before we got to the cake selection, we still had to participate in the main food event taking place outside in the main seating area. The service was again split in two parts, according to type of meals. There was a selection for breakfast brunchers where one would find eggs Benedict, french toast, bacon, sausages, made to order omelettes and more. Then for the lunch brunchers there was chicken, salmon, roast beef, roasted vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and more, much, much more. By 3pm we actually began to question whether or not we’d be able to get up and walk out the door or would have to ask for assistance to be rolled out. 

Brunch at the Landmark Hotel is £80 per person. For reservations click here or visit the website link below. 

The Landmark Hotel

222 Marylebone Road

London NW1 6JQ


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