Penelope Cruz’s campaign video for Agent Provocateur imagines a world where men can see through your clothes…

Penelope and Monica Cruz are debuting a whole new line of lingerie for Agent Provocateur and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, kicking off with a video that will leave most men breathless in their desk chairs. Penelope Cruz not only designed the new lower priced line L’Agent for Agent Provocateur, she also directed this saucy cinematic moment. 

Imagine, if you will, if men had the ability to see through garments. Well, Penelope Cruz decided such an imaginary event would be the perfect way to showcase her new collection. In the campaign video, we see a handsome young man step into a party with special x-ray specs, allowing him to see all the undergarments the women are sporting. Then, as we’ve come to expect with AP campaigns, there’s a special twist at the end. {Shop L’Agent for Agent Provocateur}


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