The Daily Boomer: September Issue Devastation

This morning Boomer met the September issues. Actually, it may be more appropriate to say he took them out. The little guy was a little too excited at seeing I had left the issues on the floor. He began by flipping through the books, checking out the ads and getting frustrated that he wasn’t getting to content fast enough. So, he took out his rage on the pages. He climbed the September Issue mountain and then he tore it down. 

At the end of this adventure, the September issues lay scattered across the floor and Boomer left with teeth that were a little less sore. All in, a great act of recycling. 

Not to worry, as I managed to do my September issue clippings before he got ahold of the pile. Poor little Boomer. He’s all tuckered out now at my feet. I told him fashion was a busy and tiring affair. 


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