The Ponytail Thieves: A long haired woman’s worst nightmare is a reality in Venezuela

For those of you that have hair flowing down your back as you read this article, do not be surprised if you find chills running up your spine to meet it. CNN has recently published a report on a gang of hair thieves in Venezuela and surrounding regions. 

Apparently women in the region are being targeted not for their credit cards, shopping bags or other physical possessions, but rather for their long locks. The thieves specifically target women with their hair in ponytails and simply snip the hair and run.

If you’re at all familiar with the “hair market,” not that you should be, you’ll know that human hair is in high demand for extensions and wigs around the world. So these thieves are in fact buying with an intent to sell, not to run around giving the world bad hair days for life. It’s scary what people will do for money these days.

Our advice? Embrace the top knot bun. {CNN Broadcast}


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