Depressing Fact of the day: Gisele Bundchen can also sing

What’s next Gisele? You’ll announce you can also paint like Picasso?

Today, H&M released a video of Gisele Bundchen covering a classic Kinks song and it ain’t half bad. We’re not sure if she’ll land a record deal as a result, but in this day and age it wouldn’t surprise anyone if she did. 

Let’s just recap Gisele’s lucky gal list here: one of the highest paid supermodels in the world, gorgeous professional athlete husband, beautiful children (and an instant bounce back post-pregnancy body after each birth), has formerly dated Leonardo DiCaprio (had to throw that in), a designer, an actress, a producer and now… a singer. We could have added a few more lines on talents there but we thought we’d quite while we’re ahead.

Here’s your first look at Gisele Bundchen singing the Kinks:


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