The Death of Fashion at London Fashion Week, truly… it was a funeral of sorts.

When people ask me how I describe London Fashion Week, the best way I can word I can think of is “circus.” On the catwalks, we are showcasing some of the best designers in the world. Their creativity is unrivalled and spring summer 2014 once again proved that London has a lot to offer in this multi-billion-dollar industry. 

However, off the catwalk, it’s a madhouse. When Natalie Massenet wrote an open letter to London asking us all to come out in our finest to show off everything the city has to offer, I’m not sure she could have ever expected what was to turn up at Somerset House. 

Let’s start by saying that coming out to show off your finest threads, in the hopes of being shot by a street style photographer, is one thing. Hey, to each his own, right? But to show up at Somerset House with a group of your friends and a coffin on your back is something else entirely.

Yes, the pictures you see herewith are of an event that actually took place directly after the David Koma show at Somerset House. No, it didn’t have anything to do with the beautiful and elegant show that had just taken place. It did, however, have a lot to answer for in the way of causing a massive traffic jam leading into and around Somerset House, thereby making many of us ridiculously late for next shows. 

These most interesting individuals were making some sort of statement. I didn’t bother to ask and quite frankly am still ashamed of myself for stopping to take the pictures I did.  All I  could see is that they were showcasing the death of fashion. No, not because they were quite literally carrying a coffin through Somerset House, but rather because they were making a mockery of the whole thing in the most ridiculous way possible.

If it appears I’m sounding off, you’re damn right I am. It’s these sort of pranks that have the top editors visiting London Fashion Week rolling their eyes as they make their way between shows. Between this, the giant mouse head making its way around the shows and hundreds of people just standing around in extreme poses hoping for attention, I can’t help but say that Suzy Menkes was completely justified in writing her article “The Circus of Fashion” last season. If anything, she was merely predicting the madhouse to come. 

Please do sound off if you think I’m being completely unjust… or if you know these individuals and would like to stand up for whatever they were hoping to achieve by reenacting a funeral at fashion week.


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