Vera Wang designs Philadelphia Eagle Cheerleaders uniforms

It’s not often we’re surprised by collaborations these days. Seems every designer is looking for a way to jump into some new arena to generate income and exposure. However, today we bring you the announcement of a collaboration that is completely unexpected. Vera Wang, yes the famed wedding dress designer, has designed the uniforms for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. Put that in your pipe and smoke it for a while. 

According to E! Online, Wang is a friend of Christina Weiss Lurie, President of Eagles Youth Partnership and Social Responsibility. In 2003 they apparently began talking about the idea and this year we see the Cheerleaders step out onto the field wearing the ensembles that mix and match together to form different looks.

Of course this is not the first time that Vera Wang has lent her designing talents to the sports world. You may remember Wang also designed figure skating uniforms for both Michelle Kwan and Nancy Kerrigan back in the day. 

Watch out NFL cheer squads, the fashion competition just became a war. Queue clip from “Bring It On…” 


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