Heather Graham hasn’t aged a day in twenty years, shows perfectly sculpted abs on cover of Women’s Health

Anyone who knows that Heather Graham is today 43 years of age, would clearly think that this Women’s Health cover was shot back in Graham’s late twenties. Surely this November cover hails from 1993, not 2013. Honestly, Heather Graham must be one of the most well preserved ladies in Hollywood today. The 43-year-old actress rocks enviable abs and perfectly toned thighs for the cover of Women’s Health November/December 2013, and in doing so she’s putting a whole generation of women, waiting to check out at supermarkets across the country, to shame. Honestly, how am I expected to scan through a box of Lucky Charms cereal when I have Heather Graham, a women 10 years my senior, taunting me from the magazine rack. She screams, “surrender sugar and embrace the gym.” I scream back, “Invest in a Krispy Kreme, it will make all the difference.” Yes, it’s that sort of mood these days. 

{Women’s Health}


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