Learn “Proper” Etiquette and Style from an English Gentleman, thanks to Ted Baker

Whenever we get an email from Ted Baker, we know we’re in for an entertaining ride. As far as being original with creatives, this brand is top of the pops. We all know Ted Baker is a classic British brand. They’re also a brand with a sense of humour that runs not only through their campaigns, but also straight into the product. In a nutshell, these guys know how to have fun with fashion. This season, they’ve once again taken a chance with their brand’s vision with the launch of StreetWinker.com.  

Redge Blaker (make the connection…. Ted Baker) is the star of the show for this StreetWinker.com featuring the Baker’s Dozen, a series of video shorts teaching you everything from how to dress for brunch to picking a lock. If you didn’t already know you were watching a Ted Baker video, you would have never guessed it otherwise. The shorts push the boundaries of comedy with some rather interesting moments, such as folding a pocket square with the help of a real live baby. However, for those of you that know the brand, you’ll easily recognise some of the TB classic pieces in action, mixed with new collection. 

Gentleman, take this opportunity to observe some serious style, both in the videos and in the Teditorial (a sort of fashion blog for Redge’s best looks). 

This post was written in collaboration with Ted Baker


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