Stylist Nicole Smallwood and Upper Street Shoes create glamorous heels in larger sizes

During London Fashion Week, I ran into a woman who truly inspires me in my day to day activity. For those of you that haven’t had the chance to meet the beautiful Nicole Smallwood, my wish for you is that one day you do. Not only is she incredibly good at what she does, she’s also a fellow tall girl and there’s an instant bond there for women who have grown up standing head and shoulders above the rest from an early age. While we were chatting, waiting for the Julien Macdonald show to start, I happened to glance down at her feet and noticed she was wearing some pretty spiffy heels. As Nicole and I have discussed our difficulty in finding larger sized shoes before, I felt somewhat betrayed that Nicole had not shared this secret source previously. Well my feeling wounded ended up being entirely ridiculous as the shoes weren’t even out on shelves yet. These were shoes that Nicole herself had actually designed.

So here’s the long and short of it. Nicole Smallwood has teamed up with Upper Street Shoes to create a capsule collection of shoes that run up to a european size 44 (or a 12.5 US). This is news, people.  I can’t name one big brand that creates shoes that are noteworthy that go above a size 41. It just doesn’t happen. Some stretch to 42, but the majority are 41. Now, for years I’ve squeezed my size 43 feet into a 42 shoe. Hey, when Louboutin calls, your feet steps up to suffer for beauty. 

Today, I am wearing the Nicole Smallwood Boyce Mid-Heel and I’m obsessed. It’s comfortable, it actually fits (and this is the first time in my life I can say that about a heel) and it’s a heel height that’s doable. All boxes checked. There are sixteen styles in total to choose from here and is it horrible that I want every one of them? Must keep myself in check. There are Christmas plane tickets to be bought.

For now, I’m stepping out in the beautiful pair that has prize positioning in my closet. 

Thank you, Nicole, for standing up for the women with larger feet out there. We are growing in number and need as many supporters as we can get!


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