5-in-1 haircare?! I’m never looking back… introducing my informercial find!

A few weeks ago I was in the United States and fighting off some serious issues with the time adjustment. I was up at 4am, wide awake and with no particular purpose. So I headed to the TV room, switched on the big screen and found myself staring at Alyssa Milano, only it wasn’t a sitcom I was watching. At 4am EST, I found myself staring at an infomercial featuring the actress talking about “revolutionary” haircare. I rolled my eyes and reached for the cable remote to switch as quickly as possible. Then something happened that had me watching more. I can’t remember exactly what it was but I did think, “oh hell, there might be something I can learn here. If nothing else, I’ll learn some interesting tips on how not to market a product.” I had seen Wen Conditioning Cleanser advertised before. These informercials have been running for as long as I could remember. Yet, I never recall seeing them in the UK and something made me a bit nostalgic. As I watched, I noticed lady after lady claiming miracle results when it came to Wen by Chaz Dean.

Let me start with what was my first problem here with this hair system. It doesn’t give you the suds we’re used to when using shampoo. My hair is notoriously greasy and I just don’t feel like I’m giving it a good wash unless I have suds flying around the shower every morning. Yes, I wash my hair every morning. Every beauty editor I know gives me a hard time about this. Cardinal sin and all that jazz, I know. So to hear all these ladies talking about how something, that more or less just looks like a conditioner, is actually perfect for keeping hair cleaner and healthier for longer seemed like a stretch.

Yet, I was completely captivated by this informercial in front of me. So out of character, but I couldn’t stop watching. Just to give you a taster, here’s a snippet-

I won’t share any of the other Youtube videos with you as they really will make you wonder what the heck I’m promoting here. In fact, I am surprised at myself with what I am about to say.

Basically, to cut a long story short, in my absolute delusional state of no sleep I ordered the product. I’ve been using it now for over a week and holy hell, people, this is truly the best stuff that I’ve ever slathered on my head. I was very sceptical of the 5-in-1 claim. Ever since I had my hair coloured I’ve had to shampoo, condition, add a leave in conditioner followed by a detangled and styler. In short, my hair regime went from simple to expensive and complex and I wasn’t loving it. 

I have been using Wen cleansing conditioner for one week and nothing else. I swear on the life of FFG that this stuff is the best hair product that I’ve bought or been given since I started the blog. I paid, in full, for this product, and I’ve already reordered. 

It’s worth me being completely honest with you here and telling you that I was pretty sure I was going to shoot this product down. In fact, I already had the piece written in my head on how infomercials sell us on crap we don’t need. Then, I washed my hair once with the product and quite honestly beat myself up on being so closed minded when it came to new discoveries. 

My hair is softer, less frizzy, cleaner, calmer and has more volume than ever before in its life. And you know how I said I wash my hair everyday? Well, now I’m going every other day with this product. To me, it’s worth the price of the product just for that fact. 

I’m not one to push infomercials, but I would like to encourage you to give this product a go. It has no harsh chemicals, it’s great for coloured hair and problem hair alike. You can read everything you need to know over on www.wen.com in the USA and www.wenhaircare.co.uk in the UK. 

Now, where to buy it? Well, you can purchase on their websites, or you can get your fix in store or online with Sephora. It’s $32 a bottle, but worth every penny. Just add up all your spending on products every month and I guarantee you’ll find your saving money. 


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