FFG Testing: Hair, nails & makeup in under an hour for £50

So here’s
the deal, cities in the USA have had beauty bars for years now. They usually
involve blow-outs and sometimes you can find a great place to do hair and
nails, however finding a place that does hair, nails and makeup in under an
hour is absolutely unheard of. I’ve often wondered when London was going to
jump on the fast beauty scene. We’ve had a few blow bars pop up here and there,
and I’ve tried most of them without hugely wonderful things to say thus far. As
of two weeks ago, the only beauty bar I was raving about was in New York City.
Then I was invited to try Blow Ltd. in London, a new fast beauty
establishment that was already being talked about everywhere before doors
had even opened.

9 hair
styles, 3 makeup looks and 3 nail options are available to every Blow Ltd.
customer. If you are a person that’s incapable of making decisions, beware. It
took me forever to settle on what I wanted to try first. However, the amazing
women on staff did a good job of asking a lot of questions about what I had
planned for the day and appropriately advised me on what they thought would
work best. 

My choices – the beach blow, the evening face and the on-trend nails. The result – fantastic! I was in an amazingly relaxing chair and was able to work through the entire experience. A highlight of the bar is the absence of large mirrors. You aren’t starring at yourself the entire time you are being made over. You can chat with girlfriends, work on your laptop or catch up on your glossy mag reads. 

Now here’s the most impressive aspect of Blow Ltd. They will give you a great makeover, and they’ll make sure you have the tricks, and tools, of the trade to go home and do it yourself. After your hair, makeup and nails are done, you can buy all the products used and go online to see how exactly they achieved the look, using easy step-by-step videos.  I learned a lot just sitting in the chair, watching the videos on the screen behind me. From how to apply hair products, to the proper way to use beauty tools, I was taking notes. It wasn’t until the end of the session that I was told I didn’t have to memorize it all on the spot and could in fact access everything from home. Too damn easy! 

Anywho, I am marking this as the perfect pre-Christmas party destination. Go in, get done up and make sure those Christmas party pictures are your best yet. 

All the info:

Blow Ltd. 


Tel: 0207 240 7987

8 Slingsby Place

St. Martin’s Courtyard

Covent Garden

London WC2E 9AB

Opening Hours:

Mon-Wed 7am-7pm

Thurs-Sat 7am-9pm

Sun 10am-6pm 


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