FFG Weekly Reheat: From Paris to London with love

It’s getting a bit repetitive to say “it’s been a busy week, ” so I’m going to leave that description here and now. Let’s just say life is busy and the weekly reheat is a way of capturing all the tidbits that may have fallen in between the cracks while sharing everything else. 

We’ll kick off with where the week began, in Paris. I was in town to visit the Hermes Petit h atelier. While we’ve already given you the write up of the visit, I thought I’d also share a few visuals from the trip, including a great Dim Sum restaurant, a beautiful Parisian sunset and a few luxurious moments in the Hermes store.

And of course I have to mention the amazing nails of one Susie, aka Style Bubble…

Then let’s move on to the coolest press invitation of the week from Whistles. A wind up toy Elephant. Is there anything better? Oh wait, Jelly doughnuts might just beat that out. However, they don’t count as they weren’t an invite, rather a press day treat to ourselves. 

What’s more comforting than a jelly doughnut? Try a turn in the UGG Chair. I need to have this in my house. And of course I was wearing my favourite UGG boots while sitting in the UGG Chair – the Suede Amoret

Now moving on to fabulous new discoveries. I’m not only loving the look of the new DIOR winter collection, I’m also loving the golden tones and beautiful way in which this makeup captures the light. Feeling hubba, hubba. 

Some of you may have seen that I’ve been tweeting a lot about Barrecore. I’m totally smitten. This workout is insane and has me in some serious pain lately, although loving every minute of it. 

Also loving this genius Guess jacket with faded denim vest and leather-like sleeves. A new addition to the FFG closet.

Anyone for candy? This is the entrance to the new London J Crew store

Speaking of sweet stuff, we fell in love with this Anya Hindmarch bag at press days. And after day one on the circuit we totally lost control at home after receiving a special package from the GU Press Office- the GU-Zillionaire. Hear this, in this little pot there’s a chocolate biscuit base, salted caramel, treacle cheesecake and gold-flecked ganache. Basically, heaven!

On a visual note, check out Moschino’s new windows in London…

And a quick snapshot of my weekend… Saturday meetings at Paul’s and Bloody Mary’s on Chiswick High Road…


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