Burberry opens a new kind of beauty space, right in the heart of Covent Garden

So we know a lot of you are getting in some last minute shopping today. If you’re in London, Covent Garden is a good place to start as the area seems to have everything readily available for present buying for everyone from dads to goddaughters. If you find yourself walking by an unfamiliar store with the Burberry logo, don’t be alarmed. This hasn’t come out of nowhere. This is Burberry’s first full blown beauty store, which has been in the pipeline for a little while now. 

We say “pop in, if you’re passing.” The Burberry Beauty Box might be the thing you need most to break free from walking the line of a Christmas shopping meltdown. 

One mention of the virtual Burberry Beauty Box nail runway and we feel our job is done here. That’s right, you can try before you buy with this fantastic digital experience.  After you’ve finished your nail walk, take some time to chat with a consultant or grab a quick touch up of makeup. We all know how shopping can take you from hero to zero with your makeup in no time at all, so this is a great place to stop in for some “assistance.” 

Be warned, however, as while you are in residence you may find yourself shopping more for your own Christmas and less for others. Either way, you’ll leave swinging custom packaging from your arm. All items are wrapped with exclusive Burberry Beauty Box materials. Seriously, why don’t all stores gift wrap? Life would generally just be so much better…

Anyway, do pop in and let us know what you think when you do!


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