Christmas Gift Guide Day 2: Gifting yourself (getting holiday ready)

countdown is on. You have less than a month until Christmas. This means getting
ready to see relatives, friends and, for some, enemies, that you haven’t seen
in a whole year.

here’s our gifting recipe to readying yourself for the big day.

– You’ve heard us talk about this for a whole year now. Whenever possible, we
get ourselves into the King Street killer workout and the results are quite
honestly astounding. Barrecorre has muscles working we didn’t even know existed
– which is why you look so amazing. Give yourself a gift of fitness for
Christmas with a one month unlimited trial.

BlinkEyelashes – We all know tears of joy, happiness, and exhaustion are all a part
of the Christmas holiday. No waterproof mascara is strong enough to battle the
family flood of tears. So instead, why not prepare with a set of fake lashes
from Blink? These guys are the best in the industry. In two hours you come out
looking like you’re ready for a movie set and any thought of mascara is put aside
for six weeks. You go to bed and wake up looking amazing. This year your
relatives will want to know your secret to looking so fresh straight out of bed
on Christmas morning.

QMSCosmetics Facial – Speaking of freshness, may we recommend you plan a defense
against the late night wrapping ,the endless alcohol and the absolute junk
you’ll be feeding your skin with this Christmas. Go into QMS and ask for the
works – otherwise known as their famous Oxygen facial. This bad boy will
prepare you for the worst you can do over the holiday period.

BlowLtd – If you’re in London for the holidays, book in a complete makeover at Blow
Ltd. They’ll have hair, nails and makeup done in under an hour. For office
party or family reunion, you’ll be the hottest thing to walk in the door.
Hubba, hubba.

Clean & Lean Beauty Food – You can actually keep things a little healthy during the holidays by
switching out one meal for a healthy smoothie. We’ll be doing ours at
breakfast. Mix in a tablespoon of James Duigan’s magical power – AKA Clean & Lean Beauty Powder–
and you’ll be giving yourself a boost of beautiful from the minute you wake up.

Aerin Fall Colour Palette – For those of you travelling far and wide this year, make sure you are
ready to de-plane looking glowing and healthy. We ALWAYS travel with an Aerin
set in our bag. It’s everything you need to touch up the face after the hours
of plane air zapping the life out of you.

Dr.Perricone Supplements – We have a lot more to say about these. But for now,
know that taking one of these packets daily will completely change your skin
health, as well as hair and nails. It’s the best money we’ve spent all year
(great for gifting others too).

ila Kundalini Massage – Ok, this is more an indulgence than anything else. Or
perhaps more an education in relaxation. Last time I had one, I was a puddle on
the floor. Cannot recommend this enough. If you do one thing in this year, or
next, have this experience! It is transforming and will leave all that holiday stress on the floor of the spa. 

Bloom and Blossom Leg Care – Between travel, booze and late nights, we all know
there’s some unnecessary swelling going on with the feet and ankles. It is as
uncomfortable as hell and it’s just terribly inconvenient, not to mention
unpleasant to look at when examining yourself in the mirror. We’re swearing by this product that was actually developed for pregnant women and new mothers. It
works wonders at relieving discomfort and bringing down the actual swelling.

Marks and Spencer Hi Heel padded foot tights – Ladies, if you are a heel wearer, do
yourselves a favour and purchase these now. They are quite literally an ongoing
hug for your feet on a night out. Is it wrong that I have over a dozen pairs
now? Daily wear, people!

Living Proof Good Hair Day – This is truly our new favourite product. It does what it
says on the package – everything. From smoothing frizzies to giving you volume,
we predict big things for this product. It’s only just launched but watch this


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