Christmas Gift Guide: What to buy your man…

1. Rayban Aviators £120 – We’ve yet to meet a man that doesn’t instantly look gorgeous when he throws on a pair of aviators. Maybe it’s our constant obsession with Top Gun, but we believe you can’t go wrong in gifting a pair of these to the man in your life. A simple, yet effective gift. 

2. Country retreat complete with Wellies £89 and a Barbour Jacket – Now stick with us on this one. This is a three parter. Wrap up new wellies and a Barbour jacket and place a note on top of the luscious goodies stating these are useless accessories to a weekend away in the country, your treat!

3. Aeosop Athlete grooming set £80 – It’s always tough buying grooming material for your man. However, after a few years of research we’ve decided the most popular brand we see on men’s bathroom shelves are Aeosop bottles. There’s something about this stuff that guys go crazy for. So their athlete package will be a winner under the tree this year for sure. 

4. Gentleman’s Hardware Laptop Case £28 – Is your man a bit of a sexy tech guru? Every blogger’s dream man really. Well if you’re the lucky one who’s found him, give him some kit to style up his hardware. 

5. Coach Duffle $698 – This bag will be the only bag your man ever needs. It is truly indestructible and only gets better with age. It’s a chic bag for weekends away, business trips, or a trip home to meet the in-laws.

6. Miansai Anchor Bracelet £52– Jewellery for men is always an issue. If yours is a bit finicky about the whole thing, this is a save bet. It’s preppy, casual and nautical. Perfection. 

7. Beer for a Year Club £179.50– This one we bought last year and let’s just say it was spoken throughout 2013 as being one of the best gifts received. What man would love to receive regular shipments of beer throughout the year. 

8. Guitar lessons £45 – What man doesn’t imagine himself on stage with a guitar playing for thousands of screaming women? Give his ego a little stroke with a chance to discover if the talent is really there. Won’t cost you the moon, and he’ll love every second of it. 

9. Art Vinyl Display £39 – Speaking of music lovers? Vinyl is making a comeback. Ok, it’s been coming back for a while. Here’s a display case for him to showcase his pick of the day. Easily changeable and a nice bit of art for the front room.

10. Apple iPod Shuffle £40 – How about filling an entire iPod with music you both love? Hand it over fully loaded and it becomes so much more than just a piece of technology.

11. Personalised Steak Brander £25.95 – Steak with your man’s name on it. Need we say more?


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