Fashion Library: Vogue on Ralph Lauren

Vogue’s latest designer feature in their book series is none other than FFG favourite Ralph Lauren. I mean, honestly, you had to know a review was coming from the moment this commission was announced. Ralph Lauren is the most recognized fashion brand founded on American soil. One mention of the man and you can’t help but think of the lifestyle that is associated with all that the brand stands for. He’s not just selling clothing, he is truly selling the dream, the fantasy of another world. And that’s exactly what Vogue preach in their focus on the designer. 

From start to finish, author Kathleen Baird-Murray details everything from Ralph Lauren’s humble beginnings to the designer’s greatest triumphs in the world of fashion. This is not only a book that will be loved by devotees of the brand, but also by future designers looking for inspiration in supporting their daily grind. Here’s a look inside the beautiful new must own piece for your fashion library. {Vogue On Ralph Lauren £10.20}


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