Dare to Wear: Gucci Bamboo Heels

I’ve yet to meet a women in fashion who hasn’t raved about Gucci’s Bamboo accessories, from handbags to bangles, we’re a culture that identifies Gucci with Bamboo. After visiting the Gucci factory and seeing the love and attention that goes into creating the ideal “bamboo scenario,” I have a new found respect for the embellishment. 

This all leads me to a discovery this morning of the Gucci Bamboo heel. They’re new for the season and upon first laying eyes on these beauties, it didn’t take a minute before I was pressing the purchase button. Bamboo obsessed, that’s me. I’m thinking of it as a late Christmas present.

Now here’s where it becomes a dare to wear scenario. I realise these are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. They are rather conservative and definitely have a party going on there from the back. It’s for bamboo lovers only basically. I’m definitely daring to wear with jeans, slim back pants and casual dresses. Will you dare to wear?


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