Scared of forgetting special moments in time? Try this…

I had one New Year’s resolution for 2014 and it goes a little something like this – be thankful. Every opportunity you have, recognise where you are, what you are doing and be thankful for your surroundings, no matter where you may be.  I’ve heard way too many people, both old and young, advise on the idea that the present is all we have and it’s to be cherished in the here and now. Of course this is all pretty easy to do as I’m currently enjoying the sunny climate in Los Angeles, California. However, as I sat on my balcony at the Beverly Hilton this morning and watched the sunrise, I began thinking forward, once again, and losing myself in the future rather than concentrating on the present. I was already dreading heading back to London where I had reports that it was cold and rainy. Instead of enjoying the warm sun on my face and my beautiful surroundings, I was thinking about how much I would miss all of this when I got back to London. And so an idea was born.

I went inside my room and grabbed an envelope and a pen from the desk in the room. I sat on my balcony and took a deep breath in, closed my eyes and tried to remember every detail of the moment – the way the air was fragranced, the feel of the sun, the very slight breeze and the feeling of incredible peace that comes with being in a luxury hotel in Los Angeles. I wanted to remember every detail of paradise. Then, I wrote the date, time and place on the envelope. I then tucked the envelope safely away in my papers to travel back to London and I felt a sort of relief as I did so. The pressure was off to make all these moments last. I had a touchstone to remind me of a moment in time I never wanted to forget. This envelope will go in my office and whenever I’m having a moment of tension, I’ll reach for it and remember to be thankful and appreciative. It will take me back to a place I etched in my mind for exactly this moment. It will allow me to remember and never forget good times are always ahead.

So for you travellers out there scared of forgetting a particular moment in time, may I recommend this practice? It’s a wonderful way to keep cherished memories safe. It’s an investment in a moment in time where you take in all that’s around you and store it away for a rainy day.


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