Style Blog to Follow Now: Mademoiselle Robot

This is a special one, timed for a special moment. As I’m on my way to LA today, there’s one style blogger who’s sort of here with me in spirit as she’s the only woman I know whose obsession with the state of California rivals mine. Of course I’m speaking of none other than Mademoiselle Robot.

For those of you that don’t know this stylish London blogger, get ready for a culture shock. This mademoiselle is a powerhouse, one I’ve been lucky enough to call a good friend for a few years now. 

Being completely honest, I actually think Mademoiselle Robot was one of the first London bloggers I “recognised.” I can remember seeing her across the room at a Bobbi Brown event nearly five years ago and thinking I’d never seen a girl rock a more vibrant shade of red lipstick. Does this sound like a girl-romance or what? Yes, the style crush was set in stone and I was a reader of Mademoiselle Robot long before she knew who the heck I was on this big ole planet. 

In all honesty, I don’t know where to start in describing all the reasons you should follow Mademoiselle Robot. There are the obvious reasons, like her brilliant style, and the less obvious reasons like her incredible witty banter. One thing is for sure about this site: You never really know what to expect. 

She’ll teach you how to do a perfect curl, she’ll inspire you to try looks you’d never imagine rocking and she’ll preach about all the best places to stay around the planet. The two of us have been on more than a few “bloggers honeymoons,” otherwise known as press trips, together over the years and I am constantly surprised at how she sees the world through completely different eyes and picks up on things I didn’t see although I was standing right there beside her.

In short, this is just a blog that has to be on your radar. Mademoiselle Robot is a daily inspiration for me. So I hope she can bring a little glimmer of goodness to your daily dose of the internet!


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