Feeling the Los Angeles city buzz with a night at the JW Marriott LA Live

The heartbeat of Los Angeles can now be found at LA Live. This place
is a hive of activity. Sports, awards shows, movie premieres and more regularly
claim this space. As such events draw tens of thousands of people to the
centre of LA, there is a big opportunity for hotels in this area. Enter JW
Marriot LA Live
, placed right in the thick of it all. The JW Marriott LA Live
is massive. You walk in and you feel like you are walking into a stadium. Not
to worry, as the pleasant staff bring you right back down to earth, welcoming
you and helping you to your room immediately. Upon arriving in the room you’ll
find you are given a spacious environment with a view worthy of a few snaps.
You can see nearly right down to the ocean on a good day. But the real view is
in looking down. For any events happening, you’ll have the perfect viewpoint. The JW
Marriott LA Live is the ideal choice for celebrities wanting to be close to the
action, and equally those who wish to escape from it all very quickly. So it’s
quite natural to see a celeb or two as you make your way through the halls at
night. I even shared a lift with two big names in Hollywood, but I’m no name dropper.
Just saying that it happens.

The rooms themselves are simple and elegant, large and inviting.
This is a Marriott hotel so they keep  it in the style you would be accustomed to
in any Marriott. For many this is a welcome environment as it feels like home.
At the JW Marriott LA Live, they do spice things up a bit with fixtures and
colours chosen to match the mood that is Los Angeles.

After a good night’s sleep at the JW Marriott LA Live, I woke up to
find they were setting up the red carpet for the Grammy’s just next door.
According to the PR lady for the hotel, the red carpet madness never stops.
This is, as we said in the beginning, a hive of activity. So if you want to be
where it’s all happening, book into the JW Marriott LA Live.

JW Marriott LA Live

900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015


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