Future Fashion: A skirt made out of mobile phones, featuring live shots of your surroundings

London Fashion Week kicked off for me in East London with a rather shocking surprise. When we think of fashion, our minds are constantly being challenged to accept new silhouettes, new textures and varying lengths of garments. We’ve even had to adapt fashion to fit with new technology such as the use of mobile phones on catwalks, Twitter, Instagram and the arrival of bloggers on the scene. Now, the two challenges have met in the middle thanks to Nokia and Fyodor Golan. The Fashion Fringe design winners partnered with the mobile phone company to create something that would come to be the most unexpected display at London Fashion Week for autumn winter 2014. 

This morning, we were presented with the very first mobile phone skirt. Oh yes, it’s actually a skirt made out of mobile phones. And you know that cool thing that happens when you twirl a skirt- the colour shift? Well, get ready to have your mind blown as this Nokia FG collaboration spins colours based on the wearer’s surroundings. The skirt is made up over 75 phones that work off of a bespoke app that allow screens to change based on the camera that is found in the model’s cap, as displayed above. The end result is a stunning display which changes according to your view on life, quite literally. 

Is this the future of fashion? 


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