Heading to Hollywood? Check into the W Hotel for the ultimate celeb experience

What can I say about a W Hotel that hasn’t been said a thousand times before? It’s hip, funky, a joint that thinks outside the box, makes you feel like a celebrity, yada, yada. When I pulled up to the W Hollywood, I was already trying to think of a way that I could write something about a chain hotel that would make is sound different from every other review. I love W hotels and wanted to do the chain justice for FFG readers. I was filled with dread as I opened the car door. I had stayed at the W in London, the W in New York and a few other W Hotels here and there. They have all been pleasant experiences, hence the reason I’ve come back time and again. Looking back, my dread might as well have been a speck of dust present in a fleeting moment.

As I walked into the lobby of the hotel, a handsome gentleman leapt from his perch and sort of glided across the marble floor to greet me. He said, “we’ve been expecting you, Miss Johnston.” With a momentary glance up and a stern look towards another attendant, my luggage was in hand and I was being shown to the lifts away from the lobby, which is one of the most opulent spaces I had yet to come across in Los Angeles, I might add. The entire process was one that seemed rockstar-ish from the start. There is not a smidge of rockstar attitude in any bone of my body, but I so badly wanted to rock shades and swing my hips through the halls of the W Hotel Hollywood as I was led to my room. So this is what it feels like to be “special.”

Upon opening the door to my contemporary suite, I was immediately drawn to what I now call the “dream seat.” A day bed was situated alongside a window that was at least six feet wide and a further five feet tall, with a view over Hollywood that was meant for stargazers. No, I don’t mean the astronomers amongst us, I’m talking Hollywood stars, baby. I spent the entire morning, the very next day, sitting in the dream seat and imagining a life in the W Hotel, as a celeb would naturally do, right? 

You do have to be an original hipster to stay at the W Hotel and really appreciate what is going on in the room. The “dream larger” duvet cover, a full open bar, battery chargers for every piece of modern day technology you can dream up, and a shower that is open to all in the room who would wish to take a peek, are only starters for this futuristic space. The amenities are all Bliss Spa, so there’s no need to pack your own shampoo, conditioner and lotion – can I get a hallelujah, ladies?; the snacks are all definitely designed for late night munchies; there’s even humour found in the spare roll of toilet paper. 

In short, the W is just on the edge of being too cool. Yet it grounds itself with excellent customer service and fabulous comic relief found at every turn. Trust me, they know just how cool they are but they’re whole game is making you feel like you’re in with the “in-crowd.”

Now, just two quick notes, or suggestions if you will, for those thinking of staying in the W Hollywood. First of all, don’t think, just book. Secondly, arrange your stay around the Sunday Night Jazz Night. I had heard about this whole function prior to booking in for a night and was told it was a “not-to-be-missed extravaganza.” So I grabbed a few friends and we spent the night in the fabulous lobby listening to talented musicians belt out classic and contemporary tunes with blow-me-away voices. 

In short, as you can already tell, I don’t have a negative word to say about the W Hollywood. It was  an experience, to remember. I’m still walking around with a bit of a swagger in my step. Honestly, W Hollywood should take a note from the Holiday Inn Express commercials. Only their ad campaign should show an average Joe walking into the hotel and walking out as Steven Tyler. Rockstars unite…at the W Hotel. 

W Hotel Hollywood 

6250 Hollywood Blvd, Stadtteil Hollywood, Los Angeles 90028


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