Kim Kardashian sells on eBay once again, selling everything from pregnancy clothes to Louis Vuitton suitcases

Over the years, Kim Kardashian has received a lot of criticism for her supposed “charity auctions” on eBay. Basically, 10% of sales go to Life Change Community Church. Yes, only 10%, and the other 90% goes to Miss Kardashian. While we’re sure the 10% charitable donation adds up over time, surely Kimmy can afford to be a bit more “giving” after selling these items, which we imagine are mostly freebies anyway. We’ll save our arses here by saying we could be completely off in this entire analysis. Perhaps the remaining 90% all goes to a charity we aren’t aware of. If it does, someone from the Kardashian Klan is more than welcome to comment below to inform us of the facts. 

In the meantime, we’ll just take a sneak peek at what exactly Kim Kardashian is selling on eBay this time around. The most expensive items in this haul include two Louis Vuitton roller luggage. The cheapest items for sale, coming in at $.99, are skinny jeans. Yes, there’s a lot on offer here. You’ll also find a few items that Kim wore throughout her pregnancy. So if you’re preggers and want to pay homage to the hot momma, now’s your chance to score one of her dresses from the pregnancy days.  You’ll see a lot of t-shirts and other random pieces from Kim’s closet. A few highlights include a Lanvin jacket, a Givenchy dress and a Donna Karan Maxi. In the mood to go Kardashian Kloset shopping?

{Kim Kardashian’s eBay store}


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