Look for Less: Lemon Clutch Accessorize vs. Charlotte Olympia

Alright folks, I know it’s tough to get our heads around the fact that spring is just around the corner. Just keep saying with me – “This too shall pass.” The snow will go away, the clouds will clear and there will be sunny days just ahead. Although, there is one way to keep things sunny and bright regardless of the weather you are battling outside. How about adding a lemon clutch to your wardrobe? What’s that great saying? “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Important to remember, and what better reminder than a great lemon in the palm of your hands throughout the day. Charlotte Olympia did a great lemon clutch last season, that’s sadly no longer available. However, there is a nice “replica” that has been created by Accessorize and it’s about one tenth the price. We’re loving, buying and wearing! {Accessorize Lemon Clutch $43}


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