The Los Angeles Burger: In-N-Out

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’ve been to Los Angeles quite a few times now over the years and never before have I managed to find myself in an In-n-Out burger drive-thru. It just never happened. I’m not sure how, but it all changed in January when my sweet sweet little bro offered to chauffeur the experience. So off to In-n-Out we went. I had been told by a close friend to order my burger double double animal style. So I did just that. Apparently it’s on the “secret menu” and if you order it’s like you’re part of the burger elite in LA. I felt oh so Hollywood and it was so damn good. This burger was juicy and fresh and filled with so many different tastes and textures that come together perfectly for a sensational first bite. 

I will say this. As far as drive-thrus go, I now understand why every Brit that comes back from LA tells me I’m insane for never having given it all a go. I can now safely say I’ve eaten In-n-out and give it two thumbs up. For those of you looking for a burger without the carbs, never fear as they also offer burgers wrapped in lettuce, in place of the bun. {In-N-Out / Discover LA}


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