Where to Stay in Los Angeles: ACE in Downtown LA, The Hipster Hotel

This is going to sound strange, so just bear with me. For about an hour, while in LA, I felt like I was in New York on a bright summer’s day. This is the effect that the ACE hotel in Downtown LA has on a person. Even as I write this, I know I won’t be hip or cool enough to accurately describe the vibe that was going down in this superior space. 

Situated in the newly buzzing Downtown LA, the ACE exists in a building that is overflowing with a historic energy as the ACE has actually moved into the old United Artists building. For those unfamiliar with United Artists, this is an American film studio founded by Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith and Douglas Fairbanks back in the 1920’s in an effort to fight against commercial studios. The four came together, inhabited the building that is now the hotel and also built an incredible theatre like nothing I have ever seen before (the pictures seen below do not do this incredible space justice).

Truly, I was out hipster-ed from moment one. Walking into the main lobby was like walking onto a movie set full of aloof individuals dressed head to toe in black and sipping on similarly coloured coffee. There wasn’t a seat left in the hotel restaurant for brunch and those who waited for a table were content to sit and take in their surroundings as they watched delicious food exit the kitchen in the hands of men wearing chic baseball caps with the words “ACE” embroidered on the forehead. 

The too-cool-for-school atmosphere continues on the roof of the building with a roof terrace I dream of reproducing one day myself here in London. The ACE terrace overlooks Downtown LA, which displays a clear picture of just how developed this area has become over the years. From the beautiful Eastern building, which is rumored to be Johnny Deep’s home, to the ‘Jesus Saves’ sign out the back of the site, there is so much to take in here in every direction. 

This is a hotel that will live on as a Los Angeles landmark, not only because of the revival of the beautiful Spanish inspired theatre, but also because of the smart way in which ACE have developed the space to highlight the history of the neighborhood, while also forecasting for a renaissance of sorts for the area. 

Top tips – Don’t miss brunch and order the amazing waffles. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Also make sure to visit the rooftop bar in the evening. We hear this is THE place to be and be seen on a night out. {ACE Los Angeles / Discover LA}


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