Where to stay in Los Angeles: Sleep with rock legends at the Andaz, West Hollywood

Anyone familiar with the greatest rock legends of our time will be familiar with the Andaz in West Hollywood. Situated on Sunset Boulevard, nestled between some of the world’s most popular rock venues including the Viper Room and Whiskey-a-go-go, this hotel has seen more rockstars check-in than any other. The stories of bands’ hotel destruction, TVs being thrown from hotel windows and amazing song sessions in hotel halls all start here. Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, The Rolling Stones and countless others have all called this historic hotel home at one point or another. 

In 2014, the rock legends of old would barely recognise this establishment. The TVs are flat screened, the beds are luxurious with major thread counts present and the room is filled with snacks like pop-chips and Coca-Cola. There are no open windows that allow you to throw your TV onto the street and the rooms themselves are perfectly civilised and calm with neutral colours present throughout. As much as we’d all like to pretend we are a part of the rock legends’ history, we wouldn’t necessarily want to check-in to their old digs to complete to experience. These days, the Andaz is the height of sophistication and also one of the best spots for those looking to enjoy an outstanding view of Hollywood and easy access to surrounding clubs and bars. 

From the free drinks at dusk in the lobby to the unparallelled beauty of the rooftop pool cabanas, this is a hotel you check in to for the history but enjoy as a beautifully restored property full of modern conveniences and fabulous vistas. 

{Andaz Hotel /Discover LA}

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of the Andaz.


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