8 things we learn about Sarah Jessica Parker as we tour her house with American Vogue

1. She ain’t ever leaving New York City (you tell em’ Carrie Bradshaw).

2. Sarah Jessica Parker‘s favourite movie is The Way We Were (hello, Robert Redford fan). 

3. We can’t believe it but Sarah Jessica Parker still uses a Blackberry.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker has a Ping Pong table in her living room. We just fell in love a little bit more. 

5. SJP hopes to visit Vietnam. Tourist board… get on this immediately.

6. Sarah Jessica Parker did not go to her prom. Sad face. 

7. If she had one super power, Sarah Jessica Parker would choose to be a time traveller. Who wouldn’t babe?

8. Weirdest word in the human language? SJP says Uranus. We happen to agree.

Learn this and so much more as Sarah Jessica Parker answers 73 questions for Vogue. Don’t worry, it moves quickly and has to as it’s a less than six minute segment. Enjoy!


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