FFG Travels: One Night at the Peninsula, New York

Travel can sometimes blur together. While it is something I will always and forever enjoy, hotel rooms and restaurants these days do tend to start with check in and finish with check out, without a moment of thought after leaving. This is the curse of frequent travel. You start to miss your bed, your things and the everyday conveniences of home. 

These days, the hotels that stand out from the pack are the ones that make me feel as if you haven’t just jumped off a plane in a foreign country after eight hours of cramped legs and horrible airplane food. Any magical place that can make a human being forget that sort of inconvenience is a modern day miracle worker. Well, here’s your serving of a miracles for a Sunday and it comes thanks to The Peninsula in New York.

Last week, I tumbled into New York City, the day after London Fashion Week, feeling exhausted, sore and jet lagged. I was working fashion month in reverse, it would seem. It was only the week before that I had been in the USA and here I was back again. Honestly, my internal clock was slapping me in the face and begging me to get a grip.

I pulled up to the Peninsula and was greeted with four beautiful smiles behind the receptionist’s desk, all welcoming me to the hotel with warmness and compassion. They had a knowing look in their eyes. I was a weary passenger. I gave my name and was asked if I required any special assistance in the city – dinner reservations, recommendations for places to visit or a suggestion for a quiet night in, room service perhaps. I explained that I had a special appointment with Justin Timberlake later that evening and suggestions moved from room service in the room to drinks on the rooftop bar. 

Before any rooftop, I was looking forward to a shower and quick nap. I was shown to my room, a beautiful suite with a breathtaking view of the city. After throwing my coat, bag and phone down on the couch, I immediately disrobed (probably more info than you need to know) and slid into a hot bath in a beautiful bathroom. I was able to indulge in three of my favourite things at once: a bath, Oscar de la Renta products and American television. At this point, I was ready to stand-up Mr. Timberlake in favour of a night in the tub. 

Shortly after soaking, a few girlfriends, who call Manhattan home, arrived at my door and encouraged a visit to the elegant rooftop bar. Apparently The Peninsula is known for it’s swanky roof. It was indeed swanky and the cocktails were from another world. I made it half way through one and the bartender seemed to be keeping a close eye on my consumption as I was approached by wait staff to ask why I wasn’t finishing the drink. I said I was working my way through it as it was very strong. Immediately the glass was removed and a new cocktail arrived, one that was less intense and more fruitful, with apologies from the bar. This, folks, is service with a smile. 

After arriving home late that evening, I was feeling the weight of jet lag and I quite literally collapsed onto the fluffy white sheets that had been turned down for me before arriving home. Although, I must admit I didn’t collapse without first biting into the beautiful branded cupcake that had been left as a sweet treat for my arrival. 

Quite honestly, The Peninsula managed to do for me what most hotels strive for but fall short of these days. They made me feel as if I was home, as if no task was too big or too small to consider in making sure their guest felt comfortable. For that, my dear Peninsula New York, I am forever grateful.

The Peninsula New York

700 5th Avenue at 55th Street

New York, New York 10019

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of The Pennisula New York. 


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