Lena Dunham’s tattoo covers Glamour April 2014

Alright, so yes that’s Lena Dunham on the cover of Glamour April 2014. But honestly, we can’t keep our eyes off that tattoo. It is, after all, front and centre. So what’s the story behind Lena Dunham’s tattoos? Well, maybe we’ll find out in the April 2014 issue of Glamour. For now, all we can say is that we know the tattoo on her back is taken from the children’s book Eloise. As for the tattoo on Lena’s arm, well that there’s a cow in the fields. Perhaps she has a special appreciation for the beauty of nature? Either way, this Girls’ girl is racking up the cover moments. First Lena Dunham for Vogue, now a Glamour cover to add to the wall of fame. Rock on with your bad self, Lena. 


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