3-Steps to the Perfect Day

Clinique asked me about my 3 steps to a perfect day to celebrate their iconic 3-Step system. This was a no-brainer as there are 3 essential steps in my day that I try to stay consistent with and that I love passing on as tips for busy ladies out there.

My first step, and perhaps my most essential, is kicking the day off with hot water and lemon.

I was told for years that this was a key part of starting your day on the right foot, in cleansing your body to help keep the skin looking refreshed and dewy for the duration.

My second step is all about catching up. From blogs to news sites, I spend a good 6 hours of my day taking in information from around the world, which translates into some serious time in front of my laptop.

So the most important part of this whole process is finding a comfortable place to sit and take it all in, whether that be at my desk or at a comfortable spot in the house like a reading chair.

My final step in the day is a special trick for getting ready to go out, whether it be to a launch party or a night out with the boy. I take my time getting ready and enjoy every minute at a leisurely pace, when I can. But I always finish off with a trick I learned years ago from a makeup artist.

When you are finished putting on your makeup, sit in your bathroom with the shower running on hot for 10 minutes. The steam for the shower will set your make- up for the whole night. It’s absolutely genius! 


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