Have a serious sweet tooth? You have to try CocoDoughs.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my first run in with Cocomaya. I was stunned by the beauty of their Easter egg creations and naturally had to write a huge piece about this shockingly fantastic existence. The hardest part of writing that review was holding back on the second part of the delivery. 

On the day the Easter egg arrived, there was another box that accompanied the chocolate creation. It was a simple brown box with a Cocomaya stamp and I didn’t have the faintest idea of what was inside. At the time, I was sitting with one of my best friends in the flat and we had spent so much time cooing over the egg that we nearly forgot to open the little brown box. However, upon lifting the lid, there was a squeal of delight that was only rivalled later by the sound that was emitted by taking a first bite of the contents. Looks like we’ve finally stumbled upon London’s first proper Cronut inspired sweet treat.

Oh yes, inside that box was layered happiness sprinkled with cinnamon, filled with delicious goodness and topped with a sugary frosting. Of course London tried the Cronut trend earlier last year, but attempts at recreating the legendary Manhattan Cronut failed horribly. Nothing came close. Now we have the real deal. Of course Cocomaya are way too cool to call their creation the Cronut. They call theirs Cocodoughs. And let me just tell you we’re crazy for Cocodoughs. They melt in your mouth with each bite and leave you dreaming of more for months to come. If you try one thing this week, make it a Cocodough. Heaven on a plate! {CocoMaya}


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