The eternal search for the perfect beach bag has come to an end!

Every year I go on a bit of a hunt. It starts in March when the first summer drops come into store and everyone in London is talking about warmer months ahead and exotic destinations already scheduled into the calendar. At this time of year, I make my way around the shops and begin my quest for the year’s perfect beach bag. I do believe this accessory to be just as important as a day bag as it will not only carry you through tropical weather, it will also carry with it incredible memories in beautiful places. 

The perfect beach bag has to be roomie. It needs to be able to fit towels, sunscreen, books, magazines,  cameras, iPods, etc. Basically, my perfect beach bag needs to be huge and sturdy. You would think I was a mother of four with all the stuff I carry in my perfect beach bag. Sadly, I’m usually just lugging for me and Mr. FFG. That perfect beach bag also has to be bright and beautiful. I don’t go for boring neutrals on holiday. Who wants a giant leather tote swinging from their arms when it’s 90 degrees out and you’re sweating like a crazy woman? Not me. So, yes, material is important too.

Now, all this leads me to the fact that for the first time in a decade I managed to find my perfect beach bag way ahead of schedule. No lie, this is usually an eight week search full of extensive research and a lot of trying on in store with various twists and turns in front of store mirrors. How embarrassing. 

This year I found my beach bag in a store that I have never shopped “beach” before – Accessorize. I kid you not, I actually had to narrow down my choices. I had just peered in the shop window and noticed a beach section and entered just to check things out. Seriously, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. My perfect beach bag ended up being the Cara Pom Pom Tote {£35}, pictured above. Saying that though, there were literally a dozen bags I wanted to purchase. I had to reign myself in. 

So, while I’ve shown you my beach bag of the season, I truly felt I had to share a few more that I would have liked to have walked home with:

Do share on twitter if you end up purchasing and using! I’d love to see what you guys choose!


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