Christy Turlington is once again in Vogue, literally.

In full disclosure, as a teenager I used to have pictures on my wall of Christy Turlington. She was my style icon, the woman that I looked to as walking perfection in everything from her dewy skin to her classic ensembles. Over the decades, she has continued to reign as the queen of classic beauty in fashion. This year she’s already made a triumphant return to Calvin Klein as a campaign model and she’s now proving she’s more than just a campaign comeback girl and she’s doing it in the most fashionable way – with a cover of Vogue.

British Vogue’s July 2014 issue features none other than Mrs. Turlington on the cover, looking positively ageless, serene and goddess-like. Oh Christy, you are perfection personified. It’s good to have you back.  


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