Embracing the friendship bracelet, thanks to a dearest friend

Remember back in the day when your best friend made you a friendship bracelet made of three different colors of string? She spent a whole night braiding it and presented it the next morning to you before class, officially declaring you her best friend for the whole world to see. You both wore your bracelets daily until they fell off due to disrepair. Times changed, friendships were either cemented over the years to come or fell apart just as the bracelets had done, sadly. Aw, youth. 

As we’ve grown up, the world has changed. Facebook seems to be the new friendship bracelet where you post endless selfies and declare yourselves inseparable friends for life. Long gone are the arts and crafts days and physical declarations. Or are they? 

When I was in college, I used to gather around the TV with my best girlfriends and watch each and every new episode of Sex & The City. We watched as four amazing women taught us that come hell or highwater, good boyfriends or bad boyfriends, crazy jobs or insane families, your girlfriends would always be there for you. Today, I wonder what the young girls of this world look to for shining examples of endless friendship circles. Do they watch reruns of SATC? Or do they look to social media to guide them on their quest for a shoulder to cry on? I can’t say I know for sure. I watch as my nieces announce their best friends and go on play dates together. I see kids playing video games with kids across the world in a sort of pen-pal fashion. I even see young people going out for mock-tails and pretending to be adults together here in London. 

For me, my endless friendships exist a whole country away from the one I live in. The girls I call my soul mates, the Sex and The City castmates of my life, are further away than I could have ever predicted. We see each other as often as we can. We fly in for weddings, have visits when I’m home, and when I’m particularly lucky, I get visits here in London. The rest of the year, well, it’s hard. It’s hard to be so far away from people who have always held you up and continue to make you feel as if they would gift wrap the world for you if they could. 

This last trip to the city, I had a chance to spend some amazing quality time with two girlfriends who have quite literally changed my life. On our last day together, my dear friend Megan presented us with two bracelets, each from Henri Bendel – yes, we’ve come a long way since our braided string days. She presented the gifts as friendship bracelets and had carefully selected the patterns to match each of our personalities. It was one of the most important gifts I have received as an adult and it is a piece of jewelry that I will not take off in the foreseeable future. 

While the bracelets are gorgeous, and Megan selected the perfect pattern for me, it’s not the look of the bracelets that made my heart swell up to the size of Texas. There’s something so special about knowing that the people that mean the most to you are wearing something that symbolizes an incredible bond and that each time they look down, they’ll be reminded of their relevance in your life. 

Ladies, if you do one thing for a friend you love this year, bring the friendship bracelet back. It’s a reminder of love, strength, companionship and that shoulder we all need from time to time to sob upon. 

To my best friends, never a day goes by that I am not entirely thankful for our roller coaster of a relationship. 


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