Look for Less: Floral Double Strap Sandals, Givenchy vs. New Look

Naturally florals are huge right now. When it comes to fashion, designers just can’t help themselves for spring summer. Just look at Christopher Kane who even went a step further this season and actually made the floral print scientific. What designers are all saying is it’s imperative to embrace the floral print while the sun is shining. In England right now it might not feel like we’re getting much of that beautiful golden orb, but we’re trying to stay optimistic and think it will come out again, which leads us to today’s look for less. 

When the sun does finally decide to shine once again, you’ll be glad you purchased these floral slides. They can be worn with everything from a pencil skirt to boyfriend jeans, shorts or a great  pair of black trousers. They can be used for work, play or a night away. Oh god, we’re rhyming again. Anyway, as is tradition with look of less, we have two options for you. The first is designer and it’s Givenchy. These floral sliders are gorgeous and are a complete wrap around for floral print. They’re also £545. On the flip side, New Look have created a most similar pair that are a mere £22.99. What’s the main difference? Well, New Look doesn’t wrap around entirely and the floral is a bit more bright, but, frankly speaking, we’re loving the difference. This time around we bought into the New Look love.


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