The St Barths Experience: Babes & Burgers

So what does one do in St Barths for a nightlife experience? Do you hang out in your hotel room, snuggled up in a fluffy blanket as you recover from too much sun and perhaps too many tempting cocktails down at the beach bar? Hell no! If you’re on a celebrity island you need to party like the best of them- think good playing a Britney before the whole shaving-the-head incident. 

And party we did… at Le Ti in St Barths

On our last night in St Barths, we visited a local haunt that has quite the reputation. And just in case you are visiting and didn’t know this particular venue was hot with celebrities, the writing’s on the wall at Le Ti,  almost literally. Everywhere you look there are black and white photos decorating the place. Seen as the highlights in a room that looked as if it would double as a brothel in the wee hours, we found pictures of Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman and many more, all enjoying the delights of a red velvet draped space.

Looking around the restaurant on the night, there were people of all nationalities and age groups. From the adorable older couple enjoying an intimate dinner in the corner to the larger groups of rowdy twenty-somethings in the heart of the room. All were welcome here at Le Ti.

Now we weren’t told much about the restaurant, only that there would be a few surprises in store. So when the dancers appeared on a stage next to our table, not only were we caught totally by surprise, we also found ourselves wondering if we would be going home with a high heel firmly installed in our forehead. The high kicks of the beautiful women on stage were inches from our faces. Let’s just say we had the best seat in the house for up-close-and-personal view. 

Just when we thought things couldn’t get anymore interesting, our group was invited back into a secret room. I wasn’t quite sure what was about to happen, but I had an idea that we were being invited back for another, more intimate show. Turns out, we were to be a part of the next act. We were led into a costume closet and asked, “would you like to be a sexy nurse, a sexy bat woman or a sexy clown.” Basically we weren’t going to get away with anything other than being super sexy. 

Three American women jumped into a trio of medical assistance uniforms, which were naturally very sexy and short. We opted for wigs, boas and big happy smiles. We were, after all, in attendance with work colleagues of sorts. 

As we walked out we were given sparklers and told to “rock this club.” It was our responsibility to get people on their feet dancing. Only it turns out people preferred dancing on tables, yes, tables. Smoke machines kicked into high gear as we gyrated to the music in our fancy dress and drank our ‘Don’t Feed The Models’ cocktails. 

Then the next morning came….

The night before seemed like a distant memory and hundreds of rather shaky iPhone pictures were discovered that told the tale of a rather unexpected few hours. St Barths knows how to party. 

So what shall be done when you are starving, a little bit foggy and still a little shaken from a close encounter with a lot of sexy nurses? Well, when you are staying at the Hotel Guanahani and Spa, you head to the beach, sit yourself at a table and order the French Burger. It’s a hunka hunk of burning love that will have your taste buds dancing the Samba. Mostly beef, a lot of cheeses and a righteous combination of hot peppers and grilled onions, this beach burger had me in recovery within the first three bites. 

All in, this was a 24 hours to remember. And just in case I forget, I have the whole thing captured on film from start to finish. Oh the memories.  


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