Instagram account calls out model foodalizers

So here I was stuffing my face at a restaurant with two fellow bloggers and the conversation led to instagram and the fact that technically we should all be sitting there with our phones out photographing our every bite. Nails varnished, hands held just so and the fork only delicately touching the food so as to keep the picture looking perfectly put together – this seems to be the norm of food photography these days when it comes to instagram. Hell, I’ve done it. I’ve also seen others at my table order food, photograph it and then not touch a bite after the image has been shared with the world on instagram. Such is life these days, it seems. 

Now, back to the dinner table conversation and how it applies here. As we sat talking about the various antics of instagram, my darling friend brought up an account that he claimed was “perfect for an FFG story.” And yes, he was correct. Apparently, one instagram account is all about regramming the who’s who of fashion and their supposed “feasts.” The account shares images from models, bloggers, celebrities, athletes, and more, who “claim” to eat food we all dream of, while still maintaining a figure most of us know is only achievable with a next-to-nothing calorie count. Sure, sure, I know so many will say that it’s all about the high metabolism. Yes, this is the case for many, but certainly not all, particularly past a certain age. 

The “Youdidnoteatthat” instagram account is indeed drumming up a lot of press. There are people upset seeing their own pictures used on the platform. There are others joining in the charade by posting not-so-nice comments. Then there are those like myself, who follow the account just to keep up with what all the celebs, bloggers, models, etc are eating. And yes, I do drool over the picture, only it’s not over the amazing body holding the glazed doughnut. I’m drooling over the doughnut itself. Life’s too short. 

Ps. If you order food at a restaurant, do us all a favor and actually eat it. What a waste! 


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