Virgin wants to fly you to New York this weekend… passport ready?

This Friday you need to be on the look out,
Londoners. You’ll also want to have a small packed bag and a passport handy.
Oh, and a free weekend ahead.

To celebrate their 30th
Anniversary, Virgin Atlantic will be bringing 30 iconic NYC yellow taxis to London.
No, these beauties aren’t here to zip you from A to Z in London, they’re
in place to take you and a friend to New York City. All you have to do, to be
one of the thirty winners, is be first to spot the New York cab. Shouldn’t be
hard, people- it’s bright yellow.

So, recap- Friday, 20th June, keep your eyes peeled for a yellow cab.
If you really want to get in the game, hunt down Virgin Atlantic’s twitter and
Facebook feeds to see location teasers.Should you win, you’ll be whisked away to a secret location for
check-in, where you will then board a plane and spend a weekend in NYC,
courtesy of Richard Branson and team.

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Seriously, folks, how often does an opportunity like this
come around? Is it wrong that we’re flying back from New York to London this
afternoon and we’re still hoping to be one of the winners?


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