73 Questions with Blake Lively: 10 interesting facts learned

We’re loving this new video segment Vogue started called 73 Questions. The latest installment is a moment with Blake Lively, to promote her latest Vogue cover. If you don’t have time to watch the full video below, here are the important tidbits to know for your next pub quiz, should any Blake Lively questions find their way onto the board. 

1. Blake Lively compares her Christian Louboutin’s to Everlasting Gobbstoppers. Yeah, you gotta love that reference. 

2. If she were to live anywhere other than the East Coast it would be Paris. Interesting. Yeah, we could see that.

3. Blake Lively identifies mostly with the men on Sex & The City. Ummmm…. ok.

4. Ryan Reynolds calls Blake Lively’s Kitchen “The Blakery” because of her love for baking. Swoon.

5. Is there some sort of statement about Starbucks here in Blake Lively responding to “what do you order at Starbucks?” with “Do people go to Starbucks these days?”

6. Blake Lively is not on Twitter. Oh yeah, we knew that. Not even a secret account, Blake?

7. Blake Lively’s first pet’s name was 405 – named after the freeway.

8. Blake Lively is most excited, right now, about her company that she is launching. Well, has launched – Preserve

9. Her favourite movie is Wizard of Oz. Is there a new Dorothy in our future? 

10. Blake Lively has read Harry Potter!

Watch all 73 Questions play out here…


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