One woman spent $500,000 building her perfect three-story closet

If you could build your dream closet, what would it look like? For most of us in London we dream of walk-in closets. In fact, I’ve moved into flats around town purely because of closet space. But if money and space were freely available, with no limitations whatsoever, how would your dream closet take shape? 

One woman in Houston, Texas, has more or less constructed the dream closet that was bigger than the wildest construction our imaginations could house. Did your dream closet ever involve more than one story? One lady is living the dream and beyond, starting just with the square footage. Theresa Roemer’s closet is three-stories high and triple the size of most apartments in London, coming in at over 3,000 square feet. Costing a massive $500,000 to construct, Roemer’s closet even has a champagne bar built in. Naturally a closet costing half a million is expected to house quite the collection and Theresa Roemer does not disappoint. All the usual suspects are present by the dozens: Hermes, Chanel, Fendi, Louboutin and more. 

Now excuse me while I go figure out what bank to rob (or banker to marry) alongside launching some brilliant idea like the Post-It, so that I too may build a closet replica in a London town home.  {Neiman Marcus}


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