Lindsey Wixson covers Vogue Russia September 2014

Lindsey Wixson Vogue Russia

New cover coming in from Vogue Russia featuring model Lindsey Wixson like we’ve never seen her before. Sadly, that isn’t said in the nicest of ways. While the photography, shot by Alexi Lubomirski (who incidentally shared the pic on his instagram page), is stunning, the styling leaves A LOT to be desired or rather explained. Wixson is sporting a cropped brunette wig that is partnered with a red zip-front sweater, a tweed jacket and black leather trousers, finished with patent leather boots. There is just too much going on here in one image. Plus, is this really boating attire? To each their own, but this is not a favourite for September covers. Vogue Russia has truly been producing some epic covers lately. Best of luck for October, fingers crossed. 


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