Why is Kotex in Asia putting tape on cats to advertise?

Kotex uses cats and tape to sell product

This has to be one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. Kotex, the sanitary pad manufacturer,  have released a most unusual advertisement to market their product in Asia. The advertisement begins by saying “Cats are sensitive by nature.” Yes, fair enough, that’s very true. Then, and brace yourself, we see a cat on screen with a woman rolling out a piece of tape. Wait, lady, what are you up about to do with that tape that looks exactly like duck tape? No… don’t do that! Yes, you did that….

The model hands then place the tape on the cat, then another cat, and then another. Somehow placing tape on cats is similar to women’s discomfort when it comes to “that time of the month”. Seriously, where’s the message, “no cats were harmed in the making of this video.” Those cats sure didn’t look happy to me and I’d like to know how that tape was removed. One hates to think cats are made to feel uncomfortable so that women in Asia can feel more comfortable in their choice of protection once a month. Honestly, folks. You’d never get away with that ad in the US of A, Kotex. 

Via: Ads of The World


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