24 Hours in Paradise: The Jumby Bay Experience captured for video

Jumby Bay

If you’re a regular reader of FFG you’ll know by now that I have a sort of second home. It’s called Jumby Bay. Well, I like to imagine it’s my second home. It’s a place I go to clear out all the cold weather cobwebs in my mind and it seems to fix me up solid in less than four hours. If you could see inside me head, you’d realize that’s no easy exercise. 

I thought it was high time that I share something more than just a few pictures with you guys when it comes to this island experience. So, I’ve put together 24 hours in Paradise: a play by play of a full day at Jumby Bay in Antigua. It’s pretty easy to watch, less than four minutes and plenty of scenic material. But I do feel I should issue a disclaimer with this video – you will want to visit Jumby Bay. It truly is one of my favourite places on earth…


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