This week’s must have iPhone case (truly, there’s a new one every day now)

Moschino iphone camera case

Moschino should just go ahead and announce their marriage to Apple products and be done with it. I swear their iPhone cases are what watches are to Michael Kors – the biggest sellers! Everywhere I look there seems to be a Moschino iPhone case starring back at me. This isn’t, to my great surprise, at all annoying or tedious. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. I find Moschino are helping to bring high fashion to the masses through a device we all seem to pay more attention to than our significant others these days. 

Now, this all leads me to my latest discovery. This morning on the Tube a woman jumped onto the train with a bright yellow cross body strapped across a beautiful navy blue ensemble. I thought to myself, what a chic colour. She turned, I thought I was then looking at a camera and found myself even more impressed. Turns out it was none of the above, rather just the latest in iPhone cases from Moschino. Oh you clever, devils! I love! I need! I want! {Moschino iPhone case £45}


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