10 reasons why “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” is the new “Sex and The City”

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

I feel it’s my public duty to introduce you to a new show, on the off chance you haven’t heard of it. There are many reasons for the introduction, but mainly I feel it’s a public service announcement for women suffering from withdrawal after losing another show a short time ago. Friends of mine know that I pretty publicly mourned when Sex and The City aired its last episode. We gathered around the TV, my friends and I, as Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte had their last breakfast and final indecent chit chat. We cried as if we were saying goodbye to our own friends. We sipped champagne and raised our glasses to the dawning of a new day, where HBO didn’t hold us hostage once a week. Only, now, there’s a new set of girls filling the empty hearts of Sex and The City fans, not to mention the time slot in our schedules. Yes, I can pretty confidently say there’s now a show that’s matching the lovely SATC ladies and it’s called Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. While there are striking differences between the shows, mainly the coasts of America in which they take place, there are so many reasons you’ll find this as the plug for that hole in your heart that was punched in when Carrie left us all for Big…

So without further ado: 10 reasons why “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” is the new “Sex and The City”

1. Four Friends

Meet Abby, Phoebe, Delia and Lyla (later to be replaced by Jo). In a nutshell, it seems four is the way to go when it comes to the perfect number of friends to keep as soul mates. It’s the magical number for brunch, clubs, parental problems and more. But what’s important is that we’re seeing the same group dynamic. Only in Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, these girls are dealing with some rather new and informative issues – mainly centred around divorce. What a surprise.

2. Watch my wardrobe

Like SATCGirlfriends’ Guide to Divorce offers some serious fashion moments and each girl has their own particular style that defines them as a character. That all being said, I’d steal just about everything from Phoebe’s closet and nearly everything that Abby wears on her quest for perfection. 

3. The City – Los Angeles

Remember when everyone was saying that New York City was the fifth character in SATC? Well, in Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Los Angeles plays the same part. This show is a great introduction to the city, showcasing everything from Malibu to Silverlake on the small screen. For those of you that already have love affairs with LA (totally talking about myself here), you’ll be drooling all over the screen and booking a ticket after every episode. So unhealthy for bank accounts, really. 

4. Men are the main talking point

While Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce goes a long way at once again showcasing the power of independent women, men are still the main talking point. The girls spend a long time working out the what ifs having to do with relationships – which may be healthy for those of us out there going through second marriages, breakups, etc etc. Yes, there is some wise advise imparted… right alongside the advice that should be taken with a pinch of salt – this is Hollywood, after all. 

5. The drama

The drama is the glue in all of these shows, isn’t it? And there’s plenty of it on show here to keep you focused on the screen. Curve balls just keep coming. Sound familiar? Just when you get comfortable with a relationship status, expect a major blow up!

6. The professions

Let’s start with the fact that the main character of the Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is a writer. Yes, Abby writes how-to books, more or less. Yes, there is a striking resemblance to Carrie’s character here. But, it’s marvellous. Abby is a divorced mother of two who struggles more with keeping all the balls in her life in the air, rather than all the Manolos in her closet organised. Different strokes for different folks – but both provide solid entertainment. 

7. Let’s talk about sex

What on earth do four women talk about when they get together more than anything else? Well, there does seem to be a trend here and Abby, Phoebe, Delia and Jo all are well versed on handing out great advice when it comes to practises in the sack. 

8. The young and the restless

All four of the women in Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce seem to be equal parts put together and a total mess. But, they command respect. Their peers and those women younger than them seem to hold these four on a pedestal and it makes for a dynamic dialogue throughout the show. Oh, remember the days of thinking the SATC girls had the best lives? I was 15 when I first started watching. Now it seems only appropriate, in my age bracket, that I’ve graduated to a show that focuses in on life after divorce and what happens on second marriages and with single parenting. 

9. Women hold all the power

Speaking of respect for these women, don’t ever think that they aren’t truly in control of commanding it. The show is yet another example of empowering women. While the ladies talk about sex and men on a regular basis, they do come back to their own independence (and battle with it quite often) throughout the series. These are women that love men, but don’t need them. They are successful in their business lives and in their maintenance of their incredible friendship. Yes, it’s once again created that perfect foursome that you want to emulate at your own Sunday brunch table. 

10. Repeat, again and again. Netflix and chill!

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce will be a show that’s watched on repeat, no doubt about it. Here’s hoping it goes for ten seasons, at least!

To watch the show, tune into Netflix in the USA, or buy the DVD set in the UK – available at all major retailers and online to order. 


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