50 recipes for brunch at home this weekend!

Brunch recipes

Oh, how I love a Bank Holiday weekend. A three day weekend means three opportunities for brunch and in what universe is that a bad thing? Pancakes, french toast, eggs royale or good old fashioned banana bread… I’ll take it alll. And, well, on most brunch days it’s an “ordering” situation. I DO NOT often take on the “brunch at home” idea, but times they are a’ changing’.

I’m what is considered an “adult,” at this age, and us adults apparently love to entertain for twelve at home. Yes, this lies in my future. So, I decided to do a little research and a little research turned into a full on development project for some of the best brunch recipes to create at home while entertaining. Fifty sounded like a good round number, because who doesn’t like options, right? If you too are entertaining this Bank Holiday weekend, you may find this a rather useful list. Check it out… the whole thing’s on Pinterest and they’re all pretty easy to follow recipes (or so I’m hoping).


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