London Eats: CHIK’N (the latest and greatest in London’s chicken scene)

There’s a bit of journey behind this chicken story you are about to read and it’s all leading up to one of the best fast food chicken burgers I’ve ever had in London. Here’s how I met CHIK’N.

Let’s start from the beginning, always a good place to start. A couple of years ago I went out on a date to a place called Egg Break, in Notting Hill. At the time, Egg Break had broken through with the social media crowd. People were all coming into this hole in the wall (it is tiny) and indulging in fried chicken sandwiches like nothing anyone had ever tasted. As I’m southern and have basically grown up with fried chicken as an additional food group, I was intrigued as to the background of the chef and how this recipe was coming through. So I enquired. I was told that the recipe came from the man behind Chick’n’sours

Fast forward six months later and I’m sitting with the same date (it became a long term thing) at Chick’n’sours. The restaurant is out of the way for us as we are west and the establishment is east. So yes, it took some planning to make it happen. But it was worth the wait. We indulged in chicken wings (so good you want to die on the spot) and a fully fried roast dinner. Yes, the chicken was deep fried and covered in sauce before being served. 

That’s where I thought the chicken journey would end, but alas, the story continues. Such inventiveness in the kitchen is surely meant to reach further. Well, it has and that’s what I’m hear to tell you about. My latest journey in chicken comes courtesy of the men I’ve been chasing all over London for the past two years. The chicken gurus have done it. They are bringing chicken to the masses and they are doing it by challenging every other fast food chicken joint in the city.

Introducing CHIK’N. Located just down Baker Street in London, this is an establishment that, from the outside, looks like any other chicken joint. And this is where I have to salute the men in charge. They didn’t do anything flash or showy. They created a fast food joint and they made the difference about the service and the food.

So let’s start with the service. Our first step into the restaurant and we are greeted by the loveliest young man who wanted to make sure we knew all about the menu. Little did he know we knew everything and then some about the history. But sure enough, this menu was new to us as well. We even brought a tough critic with us, the five year old with a keen interest in reviewing their version of chicken nuggets.

Our order came just under £30 and here’s the breakdown:

Straight up Chik’n sandwich £4.95

Chik’n Hot £5.95

Cheesy Fries (out of this world) at £4.75

Kids’ Meal £4.95

Chik’n wings £2.95

Freestyle Soda £2.95

Harbour Pilsner £4.95

The sandwiches were out of this world, as you would expect. They were perfectly battered, moist as can be, and should be for fried chicken, and served with the perfect combo of pickle, crisp lettuce and mayo. This is the best thing to start with on the menu. Mr. FFG and I were VERY impressed with the cheesy fries as well, so make these a must. In reality, I don’t think there’s a bad way to steer on this menu. Every single thing looked good, and we were looking at every order coming out. People seemed all very pleased. There were cameras a plenty and smiles all around. Even the five year old declared the chicken nuggets “better than McDonalds.” That, people, is a big deal. A VERY BIG DEAL. 

Let this be a place to try. And I’d say get in there early. I have a feeling things are going to start heating up with this joint and no doubt expansion will be in the bigger picture. Open your next one in Notting Hill, guys!

Now, off to try and figure out how I’m going to continuously indulge in this fried chicken and be able to fit into any sort of dress in the near future. It’s too good to only try once!

Also, I’d like to note that I have no affiliation with this restaurant and wasn’t invited in. We just went in, ordered, sat down and enjoyed. Somehow that made it even more of a miraculous discovery of culinary expertise. I can’t recommend enough you all give this a go! 


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