Style Update: Peacocking at the Pub

When I was younger I can remember looking in my closet and thinking “what will make me fit in?” I would wonder what I could wear that would make me more like everyone else. Being over six feet tall, as a woman, in high school, is tough. Teenagers are mean and ultimately nobody was a big fan of being different. We all wanted to conform to a certain “cool factor.” I’m not sure when it happened, but one day I woke up and had an epiphany. 

I had, overnight, decided there was nothing I could do to be like everyone else. I couldn’t cut my legs off at the knees. I couldn’t walk around with a slump to try and be a normal 5’7. I was different and the epiphany was this: If I’m already gonna stand out, I might as well stand out in style. All those years I spent trying to dress like everyone else so I would blend in, I was missing a massive trick. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking out like a sore thumb! Being different is a blessing. It certainly doesn’t feel like it when you’re a teenager, but it becomes an asset as an adult. You’re remembered. You’re noticed. 

This isn’t to say I didn’t come out of the teenage years without a great set of emotional scars, but it is to say that, in case there are any younger people listening, it gets better! And for any adults still trying to “conform”… just say f*ck it” (pardon the harsh language). Wear what you want. Wear what you are. Wear what flipping makes you happy.

Today, my happiness is a fringe skirt, a killer roll neck and a bold bag. And it’s just for grabbing a pint at the pub. But I’m going out there standing tall and letting the chips fall where they may. I’m stepping out feeling like a million bucks every day of the week that I can…because I can and it feels so damn good.

Ok, lecture over… for today. 

What I’m Wearing:

ASOS Sweater, H&M SkirtNEXT Boots, QVC Bag 


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